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Snails with green bananas (Ốc bung chuối xanh)

Thứ Sáu, 29/10/2004 12:00

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Recipe of Hanoi soup with snails , green bananas and tofu !
- 1 kg big snails
- 7-8 green banana
- 3-4 slabs soya bean curd
- 0.2 kg pork
- 2 1 muỗng cafe (tsp) = 5 ml (chất lỏng)
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- Fish sauce, turmeric, perilla, dried onion, garlic, scallion.
- Seasoning powder and cooking oil.

To prepare:

1- Leave the snails in water used to wash rice overnight to purge; take out their meat; put them in hot water for 15 minutes; wash and clean them with salt. Then season them with fish sauce, crushed turmeric, vinegar ground and pepper.

2- Peel the green banana; cut them into two halves lengthwise and slice them into 0.5 cm-thin pieces; submerge them in water with some salt and vinegar to prevent browning.

3- Crush the dried onion and garlic. Cut scallion and perilla into small pieces.

4- Cut soya bean curd into 1.5 cm-thin pieces.

5- Slice the pork and season.

6- Fry half of the crushed onion and garlic until brown. Put the snails in and stir-fry. Put the mixture into to a dish. Then, do the same with the pork and soya bean curd.

7- Fry the rest of the crushed onion and garlic; put the green bananas in and stir until soft; add snails and pork.

8- Then, add the soya bean curd, scallion and perilla and continue to cook for a few minutes. This dish should be served hot with rice or rice noodles .

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